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I have 13 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Terra Nova

“ Everything you can imagine is real .” Pablo Picasso Draw in your mind’s eye, a line, south from the land of the long white cloud, where the place...
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A fairy story for grown ups.


“Ow, that hurt!” “Should get a comb to it more often then, scruff bag,” I say. Debbie is letting me do her hair. It’s her only beautiful feature: her...

Supermarket Secrets

The grimy secrets beneath the grim façade.

The Tampax Lady (1984)

"Fallen off your bike!" "On the rag!" "Got the painters in!" Encouraged by Trisha, the visiting Tampax lady, the girls were shouting out menstruation related phrases as an icebreaker.


16 of my comments have received 17 Great Feedback votes

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You can do it, Blighters. 

Posted on Sun, 16 Mar 2014

You can do it, Blighters.  You've been telling me for a year that you can no longer write - and yet you got a Pick of the Day last week.  Your first thought is actually a fear.  Perhaps turn it on its head and think "I'm alive" instead? 

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It's beguiling - I was really

Posted on Mon, 17 Feb 2014

It's beguiling - I was really absorbed, and frustrated when it finished, as I wanted to read more.  In terms of suspense, I'd say that Mrs Barwell seems more drawn to the darkness, than repelled or frightened.  It could have more of an edge of...

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