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I have 214 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 216855 times and 132 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Drew Gummerson

Author of Me and Mickie James (Jonathan Cape) and The Lodger (GMP), and many stories here and there. Follow me at @drewgum

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Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Friday night. Your Love is King. Part 1.)

You are slumped over a table in The Commodore Club when you are shaken awake and you see a number of swirling Eusavios looking down at you. You think...
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Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Friday, at work. The Greatest Love of All. Polye Thylene.)

In the kitchen Angela, the kitchen manager, is standing with Amer, who you have christened Mersault from Camus’ The Outsider . They must be in a...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Friday morning. Glory. Love is in the air.)

You believe you are a funny guy but you are bad at remembering and telling jokes. This is why when anyone asks you if you have a joke you tell them...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Thursday, end of work. The Forsaken Foreskin part 2)

No need to read part one first but it is here - https://www.abctales.com/story/drewgummerson/seven-nights-flamingo-hotel-thursday-afternoon-forsaken-...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel. (Thursday afternoon. The Forsaken Foreskin. Part 1.)

The other female student on your course is Monster Munch Marie. She is fifteen stone and smells fragrantly of the crisps she is always eating; salt...