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Drew Gummerson

Author of Me and Mickie James (Jonathan Cape) and The Lodger (GMP), and many stories here and there. Follow me at @drewgum

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This week / Last week... (depending on when you read this, because weeks have a funny way of running on, like cabbages down a gangplank)

Writing Industries Conference

Last Saturday, 9th February 2008, I attended the Writing Industries Conference at Loughborough University. I wrote about my part in it in my blog last week but not about the whole shebang.

Breaking into Commercial Fiction

I've just got back from Loughborough Uni where I was attending the Writing Industries Conference. It was a great day.

Don Quixote

It would be difficult to write an amusing blog about mass suicide so I won’t even try.

Me and Mickie James Cover

This week I received the cover for ‘Me and Mickie James’. I was surprised. I was expecting a picture. Instead it is covered in writing, front and back. Also it’s black.