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I have 234 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 227816 times and 160 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Drew Gummerson

Author of Me and Mickie James (Jonathan Cape) and The Lodger (GMP), and many stories here and there. Follow me at @drewgum

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Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel. (To Thursday lunchtime. You Lose Some. And Then You Lose Some More.)

You are five minutes late for work and Angela, the kitchen supervisor, looking at her watch and scowling, glides over on the steel wheels of her...
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Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Thursday morning. Machismo if you do, machismo if you don’t.)

It is 515. The digits click. The alarm whines and the radio kicks in. A group of scientists have set up camp on the former site of Chernobyl. A...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel. (Thursday morning. Before you awake. A One Hundred Per Cent Homosexual Experience.)

You have had one a hundred per cent homosexual experience in your life. You are twenty-five and you are living in a bedsit in which there is damp on...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Wednesday evening. The Man in the Pink Suit. With a Bum on his Face.)

But alcohol is not your friend. The triples from The Commodore Club have made you drunk and when the assistant in the clothes shop holds up the suit...

Seven Nights at the Flamingo Hotel (Wednesday afternoon. Morse Bum.)

A baby in a pushchair outside a café eyes you wearily. An old lady sits by the side of the fountain. She has a walking stick with a lump of rubber on...