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Seduction She came to me with voice of earthen-brown I gazed upon her hair. A shroud of gold. Her soul, they say, survived from days of old, Such...

Pete's Sunflower (a villanelle)

There have to be some benefits to life-out-there closing down! Hello again everyone! Sorry to have been so gone for so long! Here's a poem I've been meaning to write since the passing away of my dear neighbour last year...x
Gold cherry


Smite the dust of the land with thine rod which was a serpent And the poverty tourists shall dribble and drool over that land Where flies shall tease...


I didn’t see it coming. A Toyota. Barcellona red metallic. I spun from the glancing blow a number of times. Graceful in a way. And then Hit the deck...
Poem of the week


He fires a stun gun, one of them. The other pulls her by the ear and curses. She vomits. Her eyes twitch back into their sockets as her blood tiptoes...


8 of my comments have received 9 Great Feedback votes

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How lovely! Orion is my

Posted on Sat, 21 Mar 2020

How lovely! Orion is my regular companion on evening dogwalks! This really evokes the comparison between the dependability of the night sky and of the rhythms of the year with what we mortals are facing/doing/experiencing. Understated yet so, so...

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I love the way, in such a few

Posted on Thu, 26 Mar 2020

I love the way, in such a few short lines, you have really captured that juxtaposition between the old, dead, uncared for remnants of winter and the power of the new colourful growth of spring. Masterful! x

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Wow, what a fantastic

Posted on Fri, 20 Mar 2020

Wow, what a fantastic evocation of the way we are all encountering parts of society hitherto's a really thought provoking poem..., already, in (let's face it) the beginning stages of this strange and difficult time, how much more...

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Posted in Strange Beings in Strange Times

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You've beautifully captured

Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2015

You've beautifully captured the nightmare dynamics of low self extremis! These issues cause so much misery in our world, and this is a sensitive response to it.

She asks if I love her -
harder to answer by the day. ...oh...

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