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Gayle Letherby

I am a writer in various ways. I am a sociologist who publishes mostly in the areas of reproduction and non/parental identity; methodology and travel and transport. I  have been writing fiction and prose for a few years now and draw on my own experience - both personal and academic - in my work. Other inspriations come from the books I enjoy and the news items that make me cross. I've have recently begun to also write short pieces of memoir.

Gayle Letherby

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Let's Pretend it's the Ritz

Let's Pretend it's the Ritz It’s after 11 o'clock before we find somewhere to stay. I’m seven and three quarters and most of the time I’m excited...

Sense and Insensibility

Sense and Insensibility Informed of the need for an operation a couple of months before my hospital admission my nervousness grows so that by the...