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Gayle Letherby

I am a writer in various ways. I am a sociologist who publishes mostly in the areas of reproduction and non/parental identity; methodology and travel and transport. I  have been writing fiction and prose for a few years now and draw on my own experience - both personal and academic - in my work. Other inspriations come from the books I enjoy and the news items that make me cross. I've have recently begun to also write short pieces of memoir.

Gayle Letherby

My stories

The Meeting

Tanya and Helen are in a meeting. Less formal than most they spend much of their time in they meet in the coffee shop on the first floor of the...

Passing Teignmouth

Passing Teignmouth, Remembering a love. Passing Teignmouth, As I travel home. More than two and a half hours away still, But. ‘Nearly there’, I think...

Lessons for Mr Flopsie

Mr Flopsie is content with his lot. He lives a mostly comfortable and largely stress-free life in the bottom of The Grand Magifico’s top hat. Along...

The People Who Live In Trees

The world is divided it seems between those who live in trees and those who do not. Hidden in the middle of a forest in a place that most of us don’t...

Table Manners

Dinner as guests of the captain is part of the package. For just 250 words on the appeal of European river cruises Adele secures a Prize Winner Plus-...