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Kevin Marman

Care worker, writer, memester, autist, dissenter.

I like people who not only think outside the box, but reshape the box into something else!

I've been writing since I was 10.  It's my sanctuary - though the structure often needs maintenance.  Over the last twenty or so years, I've won some writing prizes (nothing major) for short fiction, poetry and playwriting.  In 2013, I published my first novel, 'In the Day'.  Looking at it now, I can see all sorts of things I would change - but I suppose that shows progress.  I also have a collection of short fiction, 'Still Life', available for Kindle.

In 2015, at the grand age of 56, I was finally diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition (Asperger's).  I live alone with my cat, Daisy, and lots of books.

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The Love of the Loveless (Chapter 2) (3)

By ten to four, everyone had gone home and it was just the end-of-day tidying and wind-down. Most of the staff were sitting around the main table, as...

The Love of the Loveless (Chapter 2) (2)

I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting in the day room, chatting to clients, helping out. Amanda was still there with her Tablet, rocking. Bob was...

The Love of the Loveless (Chapter 2) (1)

Contining with my novel-in-progress. 'An Outing' was essentially the first chapter. I'm having a struggle with the writing of this - but I guess writing isn't meant to be easy! I'm still not sure where it's going. I'm just ploughing on to try to see what emerges. Sorry - these three sections are almost 5,000 words in total, which is asking a lot for readers. But I needed to keep them together to maintain the mood and flow of the chapter.

An Outing: Part Two

The second part of my short story/first chapter...
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An Outing: Part One

Re-treading some old ground here! A few years ago, I wrote a novel which I've now returned to and am trying to rework into something quite different. 'An Outing' was originally a short story which I worked in to the beginning of that novel - but it always felt rather tacked-on and out of place. In the new draft, I'm using it more as a foundation for what follows (I hope!) The narrator is a man who has recently been late-diagnosed with autistic spectrum condition (Asperger's). This has enabled him to make sense of his life at last; to understand some of the problems he's encountered along the way. It's a liberation for him as he can now be 'himself', and not have to adapt to fit in as he previously had (with damaging psychological consequences). The difficulty now facing him is trying to get others - especially family and colleagues - to accept him as he is: to listen and to understand. But as he appears to be like everyone else in most other ways, this is never easy. I hope the novel, if it eventually becomes such, will also offer insights into the condition which might enable people to understand it much better. Writing it, too, is an exercise for me in self-understanding. I was diagnosed in 2015, aged 56. (my photo)