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Kevin Marman

Care worker, writer, memester, autist, dissenter.

I like people who not only think outside the box, but reshape the box into something else!

I've been writing since I was 10.  It's my sanctuary - though the structure often needs maintenance.  Over the last twenty or so years, I've won some writing prizes (nothing major) for short fiction, poetry and playwriting.  In 2013, I published my first novel, 'In the Day'.  Looking at it now, I can see all sorts of things I would change - but I suppose that shows progress.  I also have a collection of short fiction, 'Still Life', available for Kindle.

In 2015, at the grand age of 56, I was finally diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum Condition (Asperger's).  I live alone with my cat, Daisy, and lots of books.

My stories


Gift: A Son's Story (Birthday)

Today would have been my mother's 90th birthday. Her final birthday was her 88th. Given how ill she'd been two months earlier, it was remarkable that she had made it that far. But it was a good day. We spent it in time-honoured fashion - talking about old times...

Gift: A Son's Story (Blood)

After mum's funeral, I continued with the clearance of her bungalow alone as my brother and his wife had gone on holiday. Lottie, one of mum's favourite personal carers, had wanted to come to mum's funeral - but then hadn't. I was a little puzzled because she was so close to mum, but thought maybe - in the end - it would have been too much for her as she'd lost her own mother only a year earlier. Later, though, the truth surfaces... and throws a whole new light on my relationship with my brother, his wife and his step-daughter.

Gift: A Son's Story (The Night Before)

After mum passed away, my brother and I had a small disagreement. Mum had always said "I'll leave this bungalow only when they carry me out in a wooden box!" I thought, then, that it was only right that she should spend her final night before the funeral there. He disagreed, and said it was better that she should stay in the Chapel of Rest, which was just along the road. He said "She's gone now. It's no longer her home." He thought it was morbid. Finally, though, he relented - after I'd persuaded him that it was a tradition in so many cultures. Also, I said, people could call and pay their last respects if they so wished. So, the night before, the coffin was brought into her lounge, and I returned to be there with it. With her. (Image: mine)

Sass (Part 2)

Concluding part
Gold cherry

Sass (Part 1)

I drafted most of this story a few years ago. Today, I looked at it again and found a way to finish it. It's the first time I've used a female central character, so would be interested to know if I've got it right!