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Edward Tapper

I am seventy years of age and have been writing poetry and short stories for about one year. I like to put my poems in the public domain and any comments good or bad are most welcome.

My stories

My Poetry

When writing poetry I just think I don't talk I just write. I breathe but no sound comes out Quiet is all I crave My thoughts they just flow They are...

For the Love of Death

Built by my father now falling all around me This wooden house erected in time of peace I live in solitude on this windswept hill; I'm sat Watching...


All my life I've wandered Over hills and over fields The thing that I have pondered Is just what my journeys yield So much I've loved my wandering I...

My Poetry to Date

Verses that sing in the air and catch in the wind They flow from my pen as new ways I find My mind is at rest as I sit here and write About all of...

One less spring

My house was quiet winter was all around Springs child was laughing outside I was that spring child as my years decline Looking back, then looking...