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Edward Tapper

I am seventy years of age and have been writing poetry and short stories for about one year. I like to put my poems in the public domain and any comments good or bad are most welcome.

My stories

Lovers Parting

Laying in the dark the warmth of you beside me Waking from our sleep our hearts are intertwined Gold moonlight plummets as dawns display arrives...

An Evening Walk in Autumn

Slowly the setting sun fades into evening Our track receding skirts by Long Wood Beyond the trees, over the asphalt way The pale stars were sliding...

Mother's Dinner

They started their life in the house that they built Married for two days their love had no guilt Sunday arrived to greet two veg and beef The...

Who am I

As the tree-tops gently quiver And silver clouds fly by Rain clouds ever gather Over mountains in the sky Who am I? Who am I? As the sun breaks...

Two Friends Lost

Orchard Lane snakes around Usk Hill, With mountain gorse; it's ever golden flower Shines though winters ice cold kiss. Springs arrival adds new...