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Edward Tapper

I am seventy years of age and have been writing poetry and short stories for about one year. I like to put my poems in the public domain and any comments good or bad are most welcome.

My stories

Gold cherry

Not my Land

Autumns chill hangs in the air Mighty oaks are shedding Two cygnets shrinking On dark blue water Red berries still not eaten Omens of winters breath...

Waiting for God

Old people all around me as I sit in my chair reading. A log fire burns in the hearth Looking after so many; Degeneration "tangles" Killing their...

Life's Journey

I was born to walk a road My road is straight ahead Many forks along the way And there's so many dead As onward I will walk alone My journeys nearly...

The Dandelion

Hopes and dreams Hopes and dreams Dry pale and windswept My place amongst the tree roots Burying my roots through stony ground Earths tether holds me...

A Fallen Hero

Wounded in the first wave of fighting He fell back into the trench the tide of pain passed Waves of water around his body whispering his name Dimly...