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Edward Tapper

I am seventy years of age and have been writing poetry and short stories for about one year. I like to put my poems in the public domain and any comments good or bad are most welcome.

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My poems I write with a joy and a love That comes from deep in my heart In them I write poems that catch on the wind And weave them with patience and...

To my unknown love

This poem is based on Helen Dudley's poem "To One Unknown". I have adapted it to give it a Welsh twist. I have often walked and thought of love I...

As a poet sharing my poems

I have written you and exported you Now you are no longer mine My words will traverse the oceans You shall cross far and wide eternally Through wind...


Image is free for use from Pixabay. No attribution required. Seventy two years ago today on August 6, 1945, the United States dropped its first...

If it's my time

My seventh decade I have entered at last All of my life has been a bit of a blast The NHS has been here for less years than I So what do they preach...