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Edward Tapper

I am seventy years of age and have been writing poetry and short stories for about one year. I like to put my poems in the public domain and any comments good or bad are most welcome.

My stories


Jack's Last Round

Picture courtesy of Michal85 as a free image I cannot think that death will make a claim Nor wind and snow will put you off your game A steady round...


Bankrupt our pockets are turned inside out Money is tight and there's no work about The dole queues abound wherever you look Butchers are open with...

A Brief Encounter

The evening warm; your eyes meet mine Your kiss, carnal, unexpected Your sapling tree grew proud in my hand How our sensuality rose As an eel like...

The Un-posted Letter

Lady Hilda Adams How bitter the smile Hiding behind her veil Waiting for him to write again Her hopes, her aims destroyed So many days have passed...

Flinders Field

I'm sat here in my study a dream has come to me To plough and sow a field of wheat as it used to be Cornflowers with their blooms so blue were...