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I have 181 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Do You Remember The Old Orchard?

Do you remember the old orchard? The apple-dapple shade Among gnarly trees we grew June drops and carpets of leaves On littered floors we played...
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Jack Mutant - Which Way is Down? (part ten)

Jack woke to find a warm, scraggy lump pushed up close to him, he reached out his hand and ran his fingers through Bristol’s coarse fur, the dog made...

Lilliputian Visions

It was only very recently that I discovered that my vision, or rather what I actually saw, had a name, a title, it was a thing, something other...

Where do Christmas Trees go to Die?

Where do Christmas trees go to die In a municipal car park piled up high And all the dogs stop to sniff The household smells of pets And festive food...
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Sad Quiche on a Plate

A sad quiche on a plate Waiting, drying out Killing time and conversation too A sad quiche on a plate With a wrinkled complexion And egg on its face...


118 of my comments have received 125 Great Feedback votes

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Really enjoyed. Jeremy has

Posted on Sat, 26 Sep 2015

Really enjoyed. Jeremy has grown on me ever since I took the time to hear the man speak! It's difficult to see him through all the flames - I think you nailed it.

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Posted in For the love of Jeremy Corbyn

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Some people are able to write

Posted on Tue, 23 Jun 2015

Some people are able to write poems which massage the brain. This is one of them Terry. The title put me off and I didn't think I'd enjoy it but I really did. It made me salivate and my brain is refreshed, ready to see beauty in the world again...

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Posted in Isolde - If Only You'd Be Mine

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What a sweet tribute to your

Posted on Tue, 16 Jun 2015

What a sweet tribute to your mother, she looks lovely in the photo by the way. Recently I have been remembering lots of little things about my dad who died eight years ago, they come back to me like small subconsious gifts. Memories of your...

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Posted in I Still Miss You Terribly

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Love this - a situation joins

Posted on Mon, 11 May 2015

Love this - a situation joins up blithely into something more complete than it could have been. 

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Posted in For the Love of Her

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This is very evocative for me

Posted on Tue, 28 Apr 2015

This is very evocative for me. My dad was an Ansell's lifer, paid partly in beer tokens. I used to look down from the expressway and think how I wouldn't want to walk down there among the huge concrete pillars with that smell of HP - terrifying....

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Posted in Aston Junction

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An unusual tale which I

Posted on Wed, 11 Dec 2013

An unusual tale which I enjoyed very much. By the way that's surely my ancient Russian Blue in the photo!

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Posted in Cat-Omen