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StoryHave You Seen My Sister? Jane Hyphen73 months 3 weeks ago
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Parrot Rescue

The problem is most people just don’t realise how long we’re going to live.’ ‘Agreed Geoffrey. Humans and their “see it, gotta have it” attitude...
Gold cherry

Drilling Out Blame

These people, they have no beating heart, only fish-eyed stares. Cold, drilling out blame. Seeking dirt to dish, as they swallow in haste, what they...

The Easter Rat

He’s got a rat, Mango’s caught a rat! Mango can’t catch anything.. He was once hit by the Amazon van, It broke his pelvis, his back, his tail. Let it...

Open Gardens

‘I didn’t sleep Jackie.’ ‘Maybe you should stay at home this morning. I can get everything we need from Sainsbury's and the garden is looking...

The Cheesemaster Cometh.

The cheesemaster cometh, Sweaty, stilton thighed. He’s bitter-sweet. And as strong as Equinoctial tides. An omnipotent being. He’s fat. At almost...


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I really enjoyed reading this

Posted on Wed, 26 Sep 2018

I really enjoyed reading this, it brought to life a typical suprmarket shift complete with misery and the type of characters which seem to crop up in most workplaces. It recall my own stint in 'provisions', I got a verbal warning for failing to...

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Posted in Rolling in the Aisles

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A magical poem which really

Posted on Wed, 24 Feb 2021

A magical poem which really captures the spirit of the night time. I enjoyed, neon street lamps, urban penumbra. For people who still have energy after the demands of the day, the night represents another world where the planets seem closer.

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Posted in Forgotten Souls

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Lovely, watery poem, I

Posted on Fri, 12 Feb 2021

Lovely, watery poem, I enjoyed the free flowing arrangement of the river's description. It's so alive and very much an apt theme, given all the bursting banks and frozen, flooded fields I observe on my drive to work.

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Posted in River in Spate

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Enjoyed this. The idea of

Posted on Thu, 30 Jan 2020

Enjoyed this. The idea of getting dirty among nature while somehow getting your mind cleaned all at the same time. I would love a glimpse of blue sky against the bare bones of trees.

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Posted in Grey-Day rambling

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Hi Rhiannon, these nature

Posted on Wed, 16 Oct 2019

Hi Rhiannon, these nature poems you write are so professional now and this is no exception. There's so much texture and the way you extend beyond the visual confines of the scene, 'enjoying the expanse as if they could fly' because that's how it...

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Posted in The Long Mynd, Shropshire (12/10/19)

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What a descriptive snap shot

Posted on Tue, 07 May 2019

What a descriptive snap shot of the sea and its natural surroundings. I love the way you've included sound in this, the gentle booming, also the scent - of seaweed and of course the coastal flowers so beautiful at this time of year. 

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Posted in Arrival – Evening Wander

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I have teens and you've

Posted on Sat, 01 Dec 2018

I have teens and you've articulated the current situation so well. There's a huge problem with drugs too, they're dirt cheap and used in the same way we used alcohol. The pressures, choices, the constant scrutiny, exposure to everything too...

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Posted in When Death Comes Too Soon

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I really enjoy these nature

Posted on Fri, 23 Nov 2018

I really enjoy these nature poems Rhiannon, partly because they focus on our native flora and fauna. In urban areas we are often surrounded by plants from all over the world which look pretty of course but lack the subtle balance of nature which...

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Posted in Ross on Wye and Chase Wood 15/11/18

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I am 41 and I'm crying

Posted on Sun, 09 Aug 2015

I am 41 and I'm crying because I can't concentrate enough to write and this is really good and catchy and true. If only there were no more reasons to cry after seventeen!

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Posted in Problems

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'Twisty seclusion' I really

Posted on Sat, 04 Dec 2021

'Twisty seclusion' I really enjoyed your poem and the accompanying photograph. It looks like a lovely spot for tapping into 'unrestrained pulsing earth's wonder'. I wish I had a bit more space for rewilding, it makes such a difference and it...

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Posted in Nature's Hideaway