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StoryStrange Light Jane Hyphen81 year 1 month ago
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StoryEchoes of a Dead Whale Jane Hyphen121 year 3 months ago
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My stories

Gold cherry

The Worst

The worst. You left your entrails in a glass box. Sealed forever with a deadlock. Thick blood trails every pane. Our darkest hours to temper and...

It feels like winter here

It feels like winter here The bone frames of you and me Clutching our own hands Blue flesh scars exposed as Frost forms on each word Light casts us...

Strange Light

Strange light in the sky And in your eyes Listen…. Don’t stay too long In this strange place Where only shadows Show themselves To draw you in...
Gold cherry
Poem of the week

September Chills

September The dread tread Of rolling bombs Loose in the pit Of my stomach Cold dawn New term chills Crack whack jabs Of hockey sticks Torture of team...

Echoes of a Dead Whale

If you could hear my song You’d know we shared the stars Jewels immersed forever ours Echoes locked inside fathoms Among dead men and gardens If you...


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Cold and beautiful. The

Posted on Sat, 24 Aug 2019

Cold and beautiful. The Little Matchstick Girl must be one of saddest stories, I love this twist on it because you've kept it clean yet adorned with imagery.

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Posted in Buyers market

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Really interesting piece Di

Posted on Tue, 03 Sep 2019

Really interesting piece Di_Hard. These lines: 'use science to rock to and fro' and 'if we think we're at the top it's because others hold us up' particularly stand out. It all seems so precarious doesn't it, all it would take is a mad person...

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Posted in wall

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I enjoyed the way the grass

Posted on Sun, 28 Jul 2019

I enjoyed the way the grass stalks run like threads through this poem and the way it highlights the complexities in nature which we take for granted every moment. Those black beetles appear this time of year don't they, incongruously huge and...

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Posted in grass/july

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Hi, thank you for your

Posted on Wed, 03 Jul 2019

Hi, thank you for your comment onemore. There is so much inspiration you can take from travellers in all their forms, the transport and all the etiquette and frustration. 

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Posted in A Man Riding the Tube Train

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You are categorically granite

Posted on Mon, 17 Jun 2019

You are categorically granite celticman.

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Posted in We are Rocks

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It truly is amazing isn't it

Posted on Tue, 18 Jun 2019

It truly is amazing isn't it Rhiannon. The butterfly life cycle and all those eels toing and froing to the Sargasso sea back to the Thames, the mind boggles. 'Some things beyond comprehension lie' for sure and the more we find out the more...

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This is so atmospheric,

Posted on Tue, 11 Jun 2019

This is so atmospheric, mostly grey in colour like all your writing but this isn't bleak, it has fresh air and the edges of nature hardening the characters. It would make a wonderful play but it's wonderful to read too. Full of clever phrases...

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Posted in Puddle of land

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Wow, this is really

Posted on Tue, 04 Jun 2019

Wow, this is really terrifying like a nightmare. It reminds me of The Pied Piper of Hamlyn but perhaps much worse because of the reality of our environment and the possibility of irreversible change. Trains and stations with young children are...

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Posted in the train leaving now

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It seems like such an

Posted on Mon, 03 Jun 2019

It seems like such an injustice that she died alone but maybe she chose to let go when everyone had gone away or maybe her head was so full of good memories that it didn't even matter. 

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Posted in The Night My Mother Didn't Die

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Lovely piece Rhiannon. I

Posted on Thu, 23 May 2019

Lovely piece Rhiannon. I enjoyed the way you describe their beauty in yellow shades and also how you point out that they serve as a warning to the water's edge often hidden, I'd never thought of them like that. They are a very classy plant.

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Posted in Bog Brilliance