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I have 289 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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George and Spider Part Eight - The Anniversary cont'd

It occurred to Arthur now just how lonely Cynthia must have been; walking through parks with the children, doing shopping and chores with them always under her feet, entertaining them all day long.
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The Biscuits in Parliament

A jammy dodger came to power He dazzled us with twinkling eyes And only when the milk turned sour Did we uncover all his lies But how did the dodger get the vote?

George and Spider Part Eight - The Anniversary

The following week marked the fifteenth anniversary of George's mother Cynthia's death.

A Dead Man Knocked My Door

A dead man knocked my door today I saw his features through the glass They made me rush to open it And shout, 'It's you! You didn't pass!' And tell him of a dream I'd had