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I have 302 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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Beshley and Simone - Part Two

Aunty Joan looked old, impossibly old. She became old overnight when her only child Julian had taken his own life aged just seventeen, that was almost twenty five years ago.

Beshley and Simone - Part One (Of Two)

That was the thing about Reading; it was just never quite, and neither could it be, a pleasant place to live.

George and Spider Part Eleven - The Final Plans

The busiest time of George's week by far was a Friday evening during the hours before Maxene returned home from work.

What am I?

Am I a shadow of my former self, or a form yet to fill the deepest shadows of my prime? Am I dreaming, yet to wake, and break the membrane of perceived sentience?

George and Spider Part Ten - The Momentum cont'd

The following evening George returned to the area, this time disguised as a jogger. Dressed in some old tracksuit bottoms, trainers and a cap, he ran up and down the length of the main road.