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What are you going to do about it?

I stood staring out over the line from my slightly raised position. The yellow stairs gave me about four feet of extra height, enough to see most of...

The Itch Only The End Can Scratch

The Itch Only The End Can Scratch Thinking about you makes my stomach ache, Not butterflies, not nerves, but real pain. My doctor keeps saying that...

Just like that

“Brandy, you totally can’t say some stupid shit like that. You’re going to get us into a fight.” I loosened my grip around his coat from where I had...

Caught Up

Caught Up “Mickey, I’m really not sure about this.” He shook the little bag in his hands, looking from it to me. “C’mon Kacey. I don’t usually get...


Amused “What you think it’s funny, huh?” Aaron gazed up at Tyson, hands on his knees. “Not that you threw up, just that you’re such an idiot you...