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The Fight

The Fight “I thought we were coming up here to actually enjoy ourselves, David. I didn’t realize it’d be another, -shit on the family and everything...

A girl like that

The color cut through to me, Through the haze, it's all I see, A girl so slight, yet capable, I thought such a thing was fable Emerald spoke with...


I’ll wonder after I walk away, Will I see her again today? Words fill my brain as I think Should I ask her for a drink? Is it too fast? Or far too...

Ned's Memory Pt.2

‘Oh, you know me. I’m getting along alright,’ I said, ignoring the question. ‘Ned.’ He said simply, prodding me. I put the phone down for a minute...

Look the Other Way

I creep slowly along the darkened street, Hobbling, tripping over frozen feet, The buildings loom over, tall and proud, I feel them jeering, all too...