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I have 5 stories published in 3 collections on the site.
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LilyAnn Foss

This is the first place I have published any of my work and I hope to one day finish my novel. I am eager to learn and grow in my writing so feel free to critic and give me some advice wherever you can. Thank you all!

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Alabaster Beauty

As I walk the dark abandoned streets, I feel your gaze upon me You follow me to the ends of the earth watching over my every step Your smile like the...

The Booth: Part 2

I sit in the same café and booth that my father and I used as our first meeting place. Three months passed since that disastrous conversation and...

The Booth: Part 1

I sit at the booth in the small café waiting to meet my biological father for the first time since I was eight years old. He must have decided I...

The Man in the Dark Cloak

The man in the dark cloak passes by my small home every evening. The bright sunset causes his menacing silhouette to cast a shadow into my bedroom...


QND ELDR As the clanging of metal grows closer I spread the coarse charcoal across my face I ready my ax to defend honor I run through the door into...