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Junebug(Work In Progress) June 8th, Olivia and her husband of 6 years, George, were in a heated argument. Olivia claims that because of George’s new...

The Tragedy Of Northpass

The Tragedy Of Northpass It was a cold February morning, the sky was ominously gray, snow fell from the growing clouds onto the branches of the many...

The Spectator Chapter 7 ending and Chapters 8 and 9. Ending.

My imagination was once again let loose on the place, but I was sure to keep a short leash on it this time, lest something escape again. The empty...

The Spectator, chapters 6 and 7

Chapter Six: Harmony Directly after a fusion refueling centre we were supposed to go into our forced sleep to make up for the time lost at the centre...

The Spectator, chapters 4 and 5

Chapter Four: The Locked Doors The blaring alarms on the sides of the hallways started up and pulled me back into reality. Neither of the two maps...