2011 Misc.

Different moods of different poems.

The Old Lady

Today She waves at me, I smile And wave, She smiles back at me

A Rant

You think you own By lies sown Spewed forth from The house of Rome


Of earth Sun Moon Sea


Black, seen But, Untouched


Regrets? I have a few The women I’ve loved, and the women I’ve lost

De Profundis

i hunger For my youth. For those lazy, Hazy, crazy, Sperm-filled days. When my eyes Feasted with devilment, Instead of mockery, Upon the young School of nymphs That swam up

Death, of an Alzheimer's Victim

A coin tossed By father and son. The father lost, The son, won Father approached His wife so dear, His eyes brimming With saddened tears. And on the bed, His love did lay.

Death, under the radar

Descends Surely, swiftly, Bringing death. No trial by law, Just obliteration.

Poles Apart

She is indulgent I is stringent She is diligent I is indolent

Don't Mention It

What I mentioned Before the sentencing What was my intention To be mentioned

The End

the plot, once thick, has thinned. Our sets dismantled, stage empty,

The Farewell Party

Now hear the silence, As it fills the hall. My name, is whispered, T’is me they call.


A persistent Hard-shelled beetle Has been trying to enter My ass-hole

Love and Lust

Love is holding her Tight, As if to meld Never ever Wanting to Let her go.

I Succumb

The sharpness Of cupid's Unseen arrow Has once more

Global Warming

Dead or dying Gentle on the breeze The sun's warm rays

Those certainly were the days

From this wild deranged beast I saw the long strap Being raised in the air My arm yanked forward

Fond Memories

How his own Father must’ve hurt Him, and Now I Must suffer for His own pain

The Coming

The multitudinous Spewed from the Wombs for Reasons, unknown Gasp and splutter Starve, cry and