All I want is a room somewhere

Writings on the theme of homes and homelessness


Biography - Dave's Booking-In Notes 2002

Dave booked him in. And when I came on shift that night At St Francis House At hand-over I learned He'd booked in Pat. Prisoner for 14 years Then...

Anne and Martin

'Anne, where are you off to tonight?' 'I'll not be long, Marie.' ' She's out a lot these days.' She's always busy, always happy.' ​ ​Marie returned...
Gold cherry

2002-05 My memories of working at a hostel for homeless men

It wasn't my first time working with people who had become homeless. It was 22 years after. I was now 43, working in Exeter not Belfast. The system...

Outcomes of my Dad's recent Funeral in London

I am so glad that I live In Devon. Every other member of my family and pretty much everyone who is close to them lives in London. Mainly North London...