The Brighton Line

Notes for a novel.


SF. Pt.11g. Ashram.

Brief meditation.

A Byzantine Encounter.

Arriving in Istanbul, a Muslim city, at night, had been a shock. They hadn’t known where they were. There was nothing that resembled a bus station or a tourist information booth.

A day in the life.

Who would have thought pop music would explode like it did?

Botanical Gardens, Bermuda 1980.

Imagine blue skies, pastel coloured houses, palm trees...

Dangerous Times.

Arthur's breakfast musings are rudely interrupted.

Naked Tea

A chance meeting with William Burroughs in Fortnum and Mason's tea room.


‘You feel anything yet?’ Simon asked when they were waiting for the train.

The coming of Yumi.

Rock writing before cellphones and laptops.

Hey Jules, don't make it bad.

A glimpse of the London art scene circa 1966.

The Banjo.

He sees the banjo in a second hand shop in Croydon. No strings attached, couple of pegs missing, battered case. They are asking 4 pounds for it.

Sticky Fingers Part 1. Cremation.

Arthur returns to England for his mother's funeral.

Sticky Fingers Pt.2. Reunion.

Simon and Arthur continue their conversation in Bill Wyman's restaurant.

Sticky Fingers, Pt 3 Apparition.

Arthur gets back to his hotel room and decides to watch TV.

Sticky Fingers Pt. 3b. Digression.

Includes a cameo appearance by William Burrough's ghost.

Sticky Fingers. Pt.4. Narration.

Arthur gets from London to Bangkok with some help from the narrator.

Sticky Fingers Pt.5. Big Sur

Arthur gets from the airport into the city OK. He has decided to spend a few days in Bangkok before going back to the village where he lives.

Sticky Fingers. Pt. 6c. Childhood stuff.

Yes childhood stuff. I know...but it has to be done.

SF Pt.7 The River of Shit.

Gatwick was not always London's second busiest airport.

SF. Pt 7b. The Jazz Club.

Simon kindly fills in some gaps.

SF.Pt.8. Chchchchanges.

A brief summary of cultural changes in post-war Britain.

SF. Pt.9 One of these days.

One of these days, thinks Arthur, I’ll write all this stuff down.

SF. Pt.10. Rive gauche.

Hitchhiking on the National Sept.

SF. Pt. 11d. Somewhere in Turkey.

A rough night somewhere in Turkey.

SF. Pt.11f. India proper.

Life (and death) on the sub-continent.

SF. Pt.13. Bagels and bubblegum.

Everybody’s hustlin’, Just to have a little scene... Donovan.

SF. Pt.13f. Striptease.

The ongoing identity quest.

SF. Pt. 16. Mewsing.

Excuse the pun.

SF. Pt.17c. Virgin Gorda.

More hanky-panky in the Caribbean.

SF. Pt. 18. Abbey Road.

Let me take you down.

SF. Pt.19. Samantha.

Eternal female potted version.

SF. Pt. 20. Bangkok reflections.

Stuck inside of Bangkok with those Sixties blues again.

SF. Pt. 24. On the Skytrain.

Arthur takes a ride on the Bangkok Skytrain.

SF. Pt. 26 Caribbean wind.

A minor altercation at Foxy’s.

SF. Pt.26b. Gulf Stream

Ruminating with one eye on the weather.

Turning point.

A snippet.