The Foxes of Summer


A 4 Course Year

A 4 Course Year By Sean McNulty The Choices of Autumn

Little Jokebooks

Little Jokebooks

Rational Thinking Thing

June 16 Bloomsday.

For Dora do

For Dora do is a home for the spiritually enlightened that rests at the summit of a mountain in Northern China, in case you’ve been wondering.


She played piano like the keys were made of water. He drank coffee and tried to reduce the volume of his angst.

This Story Is Lost Somewhere Out By Faughart

I was out by Faughart. There was a shrine out there. The shrine of St Brigid. I thought I would go out there to get some peace and quiet. It’s a nice...


I wriggled a bit. Threw my head back and grimaced so they could see the shock in my face. Then I flung myself onto the ground and lay under the tower...

Look There, On The Rocks

Lucy is having marriage troubles. Let's go see the puffins.

Look There, On The Rocks Part 2

As Lucy focused her attention on the larger bird, she noticed it was actually moving in a fluttery way, wriggling, almost as though it was shivering...

Cowboy Sketch

Mr. Kill seemed like a nice man when you first met him, but when you got to know him well, you'd be hard pushed to go down that road of 'nice' again...