Life Notes

Ideas thrown up by life.


I rather enjoyed "The Turtle Pond". It has this quaint bit of humor mixed in with this generally heartwarming premise. It leaves you feeling pretty good. And I hope you find your stranger.

The Summer House is really good- I like the metaphor of the ramshackle summer house which is just a 'shed' to Nev but for the narrator (who is forced to live in her imagination) it acquires a romantic aura. Very sinister and underplayed.



What It Is

First scene of a stage play. An average day in a Council Drop In Centre...

A Short Moment Of Bitterness In An Otherwise Tranquil Life

Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Honest.

Child's Play

My playgroup days, when I originally wrote this, are long behind me. But some things, I suspect, never change...

The Turtle Pond

In search of the mysterious man who saved me from drowning. Why do I need him to save me again?

Put That On The Fire

What was put on the fire that day was more complicated than I knew.

Queen Of Her Savannah

The cat, Plum, died three weeks ago today.

The Story Behind The Headline

The Headline might vary, between tabloid and broadsheet, the BBC and Channel 5. But this is the story behind it.

The Summerhouse

In time, Manda managed to forget a great deal. But she would never forget those eyes.

Lucky Thirteen

A totally self indulgent and sentimental 200 words. Today is a special day.

What It Is... (Scene 2)

Next bit. Any comments gratefully received!

If You Justify This, Your Talent Will Be Next

Unproductive Writer's Syndrome. Apologies to the Manics.

Trompe L'Oeil

When I saw him, the night before, he looked his usual size.