In Love with Mr Jiggs

A collection of poems from award winning poet Graham Clifford. Graham's poetry has been described as...

"Full of alertness, irony and subtle humour, these poems locate the dark edges of 'ordinary life' so precisely as to reveal that no such thing exists." Zoë Skoulding

"Each poem becomes a deft melding of wit, wistfulness..."
Richie McCaffery, Sphinx 18

"...the poems explore or hint toward more positive thoughts about the dignity of poverty, about resilience to loss, about how loss nourishes us by connecting us."
Stephen Payne, Happenstance 18

Poem of the week

The (very) End

A cautionary tale for those who have become less than attentive in their relationship.

Being Dead

Might it be easier, being dead?

The Hitting Game

On the island’s south side a solitary town fizzes like overloaded circuitry on dark, motherboard hills. Across a sticky, smooth-tiled walkway an amusement arcade spills

What I Really Want to Do

This is all about trying to find your way.

No alternative now

I've got an idea...


Have you ever wondered about fireworks being set off in the early hours? This used to happen all the time. The title is also the last line.

From Shanu

We can't all do well at school.

That song

On the power of words.

In Cars

This is all about not wanting to end up like him.


I would like to apologise for the afternoon when, while retrieving my favourite fold-out stripy chair from the shed which you organised so, from...

Plastic Jesus

A plastic Jesus is showing me his cartoon heart. He is crying dryly and smiling, opening the flesh like curtains. There are no ribs in there, just...