My True Self, No Lies

This is about me, but the truth. No lies, 100% honesty.
Hi, My name is Yasmin.

Midnight Me

This is one of my favourite poems that Ive written. It may not be the best but...


Without my best friend I wouldnt be coping through my adolescent years, I probably wouldnt be writing now. I hope you like it, I await your comments. Yaz x


Written about a good friend....


Bat's are my favourite animal's and I thought they deserved more praise than they get so I wrote this poem. I hope you like it.

Who's Guna Stop Me?

This I really cant explain, it just came to me, it's how I feel, period! Hope you like it

I Cant Write Poems

I was going to enter this into a competition for school but I was worried that it wasnt good enough. Please tell me what you think/ Yaz x

School Support

Most of the kids at my school feel this way about poetry, which I think is a real shame. I hope you like it Yaz x


Ive always been self-conscious but one person eventually made me see That I wasnt as ugly as I thuoght. Please comment- Im not sure this poem works well, Yaz

Do Not Read This Story

How much to you wanna bet that you read it anyway??

Not Anything

I'm guessing this is what it feels like to fall in love...

I Need You

Need I say much more?


This is the happiest moment in history- Fact


Enough Said

The Land Called Love

I read a poem that was similar to this so I took inspiration from it Enjoy



I took a bullet.

a world without you is no world at all. You must exist. Even if you dont know I do. If only you'd noticed me. Rain ripping down my face. Tearing through the darkness. Not fast enough. A scream.

Sad Situation

No offense meant here, its just a poem

Your a Virus

I dont want to


Friendship cant heal everything.


About loving something destructive

My Favourite Lesson

I loved this lesson ;)

I'd be anything for you.

I wrote this when I was twelve, hence the horrific wording ;)


Valentine's Day is okay really, but not for everyone...


I haven't wrote in quite a while, so any constructive criticism would be appreciated :)

The Confusion Of Love (For Performance)

I've not written in a while, and I've been experimenting in structure, so please feel free ot leave contructive criticism, or just criticism. P.S. This sounds much better read aloud.