peterelbee's microflashes

these stories are a collection of micro flashes, flash fiction and brief reads.

Hope you find them entertaining. I plan to add at least one or two a month, all things going well.

Some of them have been written previously for another writting site but I plan to add at least one or two a month, all things going well.

Hope you find them entertaining.


Smell of an oilly rag

We’re not going to make it,” fretted Petunia. “This car runs on the smell of an oily rag,” assured Denver. “But the dial’s…”

Can't get enough

life in the Tunnel web gang

Can't get enough updated version

This is no means the finished artical, but more something to base or start a possible longer story with. Feel free to comment if you wish.

Dead Croc Walking

Oscar obsesses over his new crocodile boots but not everyone shares his enthusiasm.

The Qxzvcztian That Fell To Earth

Late one afternoon a spaceship hovered over Karori Park. Green lights blinked from the sides of the saucer-shaped anomaly, while the upper half glowed with an orange hue.

Final Leap

when the light at the end of the tunnel fades vanishes...

Today I picked a petunia

Sometimes there's just no pleasing...

Fatal Advantage

A short short story about turning of the tables

water water everywhere

Some people have no respect for the environment.

Summer set Poem

Breeze; The cascading of scarlet flesh; Searing, beneath the blazing sunlight; From a summer's cloudless sky; Scant; Sprite, revealing summer garb,...