Pot 1


The Boardroom

I slowly walked into the Boardroom Silence You could here a pin drop Silence Locked the door behind me

"I wonder what Tina Smitherson is doing at this precise moment in time?"

A corner of a room is a misguided place to cower in. Bad move! Especially after you have just had chicken chow mein styled into your hair. You sit. Transfixed. You watch.

A Quiet Forgiveness

I remember the very first time that I saw her My JFK moment Me and Nathan had been up all night with Bessie She didn’t fare well … .. . The room was thick and oppressive

Addiction in Suburbia

I watch Him I watch Him every night He always arrives home an hour before Her Regular as clockwork Not missed a working day yet in the last 6 years Impressive I know By anyone’s standards

An oracle in obscurity of thought

Husband raises eyes and beholds Wife Showcased on the marital bed like some bizarre opus of abstract art Dali would have been so proud! Juxtaposition of Wife

Art is a lie that makes us realise truth...

Strolling along these Spanish streets In old Pollenca Town The buildings are softly whispering A Cacophony Of Sound Infused in bricks and mortar A myriad of doors


Just who the hell Do you think you are? In your house that is so Twee Just who the hell Do you think you are? You are NO more different than ME Just because


Day in Day out He sits on his bench No one goes near him Because of the stench Piss Shit White Lightening Despair I watch from my window It’s really not fair So … I put on my coat


I know the rules Blood is pure Not me I'm Full of shit So I hang my head In shame And that's all there is To it Contamination can be cruel Goose feet on my chest

Dancing Dead Babies

They say it scars you for life! They say it consumes your soul! They say you never get over it! They say a lot of things … Am I so different? Or maybe? I’m just

Death Knell

I place her gently on the counter Defiantly bait Complacent eyes But … They have often seen my sort Likes of me they do despise “Take a seat” she spits at me


We buried Pops in his Sunday Best On that wet November morn I stood there in MY Sunday Best Shattered Tattered Torn “Private Viewing” an hour before

Farewell to my Muse ...

I am now empty I am … Yin without Yang Strawberries without cream Love without hate Simon without Garfunkle For … Late last night I caught my Muse packing his bags I pleaded


Rob the Nob’s an ignorant man Ill educated Illiterate A chancer’s dripping pan The day he fell in lust with a Roman Catholic whore He entrapped her as his prisoner

I know ...

I wake up at 4.00am. The walls are closing in. Those damn walls are a l w a y s closing in. Every morning Every night Day In Day Out Trying to squish me. Trying to contain me.

It all began with Nana's cat

You will love the smell of a domestic cat As it sizzles in the pan Toss in some onions And garlic Then present it to your Nan And as you watch her gobble it up


I pass him every morning. Come rain or shine. There he is. Cheerful. Always cheerful. Doffing his horrid little hat. In that unique grandiose manor of his. Once he even winked at me.

Life ...

I wake up. I wearily wash my face in luke warm resignation. As I look around this wretched room, it makes me wonder how on earth I have ended up here.

Shoot poison through the mud

Poke me Choke me Stoke me Eradicate bad blood Be brave Be bold Be counted Shoot poison through the mud Lure me To The Bowels of Hell Atone for me my sins

You decide ...

I watch you look I watch you stare I watch you lust YOU JUST DON’T CARE For… How can you care? With all that lust in your eyes For girls half my age For girls half my size

The Puppeteer

Relaxing in this Spanish bar I peruse the daily scene Tourists in their Sunday Best White Bright Keen Husbands bored Easily led Dream of taking the locals to bed Kids are playing happily

Lover ...

Lover ... I need you to be strong for me. I need you to hold back time in the palm of your hands. To pause it now. Right now. Please ... Lover ...

The Mark of Cain

Strolling through the forest Ancient with decay Temperature starts rising On this hot and humid day Thunderbolts Lighting Cascades of warm wet rain


Girl Trapped in past reflections Girl Braiding up her hair Girl Dreams of her Prince Charming


She’s not the sort that bares her soul With tales of pain With tales of woe She contains the pain She keeps it tight It haunts her Each and every night She walks the walk

Embrace Freewill

Taunt the Blade on Naked Skin .. Soothe Internal Storms Within .. Slow Release .. Sustain the Thrill .. As Pleasure Spreads

Taking responsibility ...

Mother thought the time was right Packed her bags Prepared the flight Yet as she wandered round the house Oh so quiet as a mouse Wasted years came flooding back

Iridescent Eyes

Even in death his eyes sparkle iridescently. I want to preserve his beautiful eyes. I need to preserve his omniscient eyes. Can you do that? Who would I ask such a thing?


The lonely little shepherd boy Sat on the moonlit hill Basking in the glory Of the thrill Of his first kill First to die was father Aborted in his prime Next to die was mother

Poetic Liberty

M’lud I stand before you Contained within this dock The night I was arrested I can tell you Was a shock! Because? … I do NOT write in metaphors Because?… I say it as it IS

Yummy Mummy

Out today To buy some plates Nought to my liking I’m in a terrible state! Stuck behind a Renault Espace ‘Yummy Mummy’ (sticker) In pride of place!

In this silken meadowland

Have you ever woke with the illusion? That today you’ll fuse with fusion Thus everything is sweet But …. By the time The sun goes down Into your cage You will retreat

It's just so derniere saison

Oh God … please …. NO! NO! NO! NO! The last damn thing that I need right now is that fucking manic depressive poet writing yet another painfully boring trip down MISERY LANE

In God we Trust

In God we Trust Don’t make me sick I will not fall For that cunning trick I have an advantage My mind is free To search To explore This sham fallacy JC is a fake There to control


I cautiously peep out the bedroom window and immediately spy snow. More snow! Damn!

The unmasking of another straw man

Does part of your confusion? Arise from the contusion? Of that kiss so lovingly wrapped inside a fist? Why hold back? What’s pain? Just black A void In which to switch

Tender is the breath of death

The balance is wrong It’s all out of sync I don’t know what to do? I don’t know what to think? Slowly so slowly It faded away Until all that was left Was this pale shade of grey?

Eulogy for Father

Father …. As you can see I have been coerced into presenting this eulogy to you on behalf of the family because quite frankly nobody else was prepared to do it!