slightly longer stories

This collection contains stories/poems etc that have 1,500 words or more

Static Life

Alone at a bus shelter sleeps an elderly vagrant. He has removed his trench coat and is using it as a makeshift pillow.

A Snore Too Far

Have you ever been kept awake by someone who snores? If so I am sure you will appreciate where Anatole is coming from in this creepy story I have entitled "A Snore Too Far"

Disinterring the Vortex

Sitting in her late husband’s coffin there is a ceramic urn of ashes safe keeping an item of significant value and Sandra wants it back. approx 1,800 words

And Fernando Makes Three Part 8 Summoning the Bogeyman

The following is an extract from a story I am presently working on. Characters Levi – Main character (child) Katrina – Levi’s Mother Delilah – Levi’s...

Kiki the Tiger Monkey Part two

“Kiki, this is Geryon and Hazis, King Flinchkin’s youngest nephews,” announced the owl, one frosty morning. "As you can see they are twins, but each...

kiki the tiger monkey part one

Long ago, deep in a South American tropical rainforest, there lived a cheeky little red faced Spider Monkey called Kiki. He was very kind and good...

The Serene Fellowship 1 The Green Serene Part One

I woke to chaos. Sirens were shrilling, Guard dogs barking, and people were dashing about in all directions; bellowing vague orders at one another...

The Serene Fellowship 1 The Green Serene Part Two

The following morning, straight after breakfast, Petra led Jamie (her young nephew) and me away from the main cluster of cabins, and then along a...

The Serene Fellowship 1 The Green Serene Part Three

Petra returned shortly after the rain set in with yellow PVC raincoats and taken Jamie and me back to the cabin. There we washed the windows, swept...

Rendezvous with Drama Part One (rewrite)

AUTHORS NOTE - This is a rewrite of the first instalment of "Rendezvous with drama" and still very much a work in progress so feel free to rip it...

Remus and The Wolf Part 1

Tales from The Enchanted Forest of Secret Wishes Tale One Remus and the Wolf Part One Remus Elderberry’s backpack danced on his shoulders.The brittle...

Marks on Spencer parts One and Two

-PART ONE- “Misses Preston, she like tells the class that pies are square.” said Spencer Finch. He was sitting at the dining table, scribbling in a...