Songs of Love

A collection of poems about love, subsistence, loss and relationships. And many, many memories.

Sheet of Solitude

Symphonies of icy voices Engage in intercourse With the low bass tones They are indulgence embodied Grated cheeks In the biting cold All that is left Are shreds of skin

An Ode to Life

Fingers held in shattered glass Blood held in broken bones Heart encased in lovely laughs Flowers killed by jagged stones Bodies touch in golden sky Souls meet at heaven’s throes

Five drops of blood

The fantail’s song is intoned Into the bonsai; festooned with- Memories, of the luck-ripe creature Your fate is so well sealed Mingling with the gems Diamonds among Slovakian crystals

Real Dreams

He softly sings a medley in her ear Words flow, fluidly like a fresh water spring Stories and poems she hears, in her star-attired world of hopes and dreams She falls into a lull

The Coffee You Never Cleaned

Whispered promises, dropped all over with the coffee that you never cleaned

The Long Way

He's coming the Long way It's a really hot day Softly, she whispers Something he never heard Whistling and wasting like Summer-ruined curd Lost to the wind maybe, and Memories foregone

The Place

Beauty flows In rivulets of Ice, rock and Haphazard smiles Tears of undue Joy; cried for somebody Else- no one Was oblivious To bittersweet curses Half-heartedly whispered

The White Dove

Did I tell you when The bird entered my heart And whispered to my senses While it soothed my soul It sang to me In tones so sweet And so heart breaking I wanted to comfort it

The Angel of Liberty

The day of the flight She soared into the clutches Of the sky- Her heart beating hard Saved by the one Who wanted her Would she have known? I wonder With grace-

The Memories

You glistened like sunlight You shone like the sun Your eyes were like water I knew you so fine You would touch me Me hand, my hair- And I would shiver At your fingertips

The Unheard Voice

Never once Never once Did you listen Did you listen? A mere whisper Lost to the winds Left to her hands Moulded by his fingers Did you not ask me? Speak to me Incessantly; unheedingly

The Betrayal

I spent half my life Watching you The other half Dreaming about you For an year I woke up earlier Just to Sit next to you I would stop thinking Just to Hear your voice

These Events

What is the truth...

Unrequited Love

What am I?