Space for milk?




Falling It starts With me not necessarily realising I’ve remembered your name Quicker than the rest. Words That wring colour From grey – A post-...
Gold cherry


Until you, (who adored more than most the bell on the baker’s door, teasing the still air of a village in outer Shropshire)

Corvo Island

I plan to use you for the album cover of an indie-rock band I may never set up, because you demonstrate the correct blended recipe of abstraction and psycho-emotional profundity

The strangeness of returning

tainted with the flavour of regurgitated elsewhere.


each revisit the budgie-beep of a smoke alarm, during sleep...
Gold cherry


“The examination is at an end” started that summer, with you eating Trivial Pursuit segments of pizza off the board game of our plate. You gave me a...


A street lamp clicks off; a slouching teen places tables outside Costa; traffic lights receive their morning’s first clients. All sense of sleep, gently dissolving.

Two Point Four

the sky, through the half-ajar Velux, a slow blue conveyor belt of cotton wool;


And the smile that grew and vanished like hot breath on a window.

Retirement Options for Tube Trains: #3, Isle of Wight

start your journey from the middle - where pylons stride through carpets of oilseed rape.

The Notes of a Millennial Blogger

The Notes of a Millennial Blogger. Post #1 I Heart Symbolism. Friday, November 4th, 2000. The leaves are going crisp on Maple Drive. All the trees...