Inspiration point (IP)

For this week's Inspiration Point I want you to write something which includes three of the following:

the last thing you ate

the last thing you drank

the last person you spoke to

the last book you read

the last film (or TV) you watched

the last piece of music you listened to

Good luck!

Inspiration point

Nature in the City

The rosy red - the vibrant green The purple flourishing the scene The sun the sky the trees the flowers The thrill of beauty - sunny hours. I had...

mankinds final fall

A few of us have done nothing, And a few of us have treated this world well, But a few of us have invoked danger, And turned our loving world into...


New beginnings (and I have no idea why this has become double spaced!)

A Disappearance and The Man in the Dirty Raincoat! (I.P.)

A Disappearance and The Man in the Dirty Raincoat! ‘Look, Natalie, he’s here again!’ ‘Who is?’ ‘The man in the dirty raincoat.’ ‘Oh, Rachel, give it...


The bright light of my ipod was shining on my face. It looked as bright as the sun compared to the darkness of the room. I played candy crush for...