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I have 11 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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dear ____ - 3

Dear _____ , It has been a while, I thought you dear reader, deserved some context to how long it has been, as i assume you are reading these all at...

Pens and Paper- Chapter 7

Defening silence. As I had sat there with Charlie by my side this expression had captured my brain in a trance as i thought about it over and over;...

pens and paper- chapter 6

I need to get him out. Yeah, how are you going to do that, genius? Huh? You gonna tell child services? They going to believe you this time? Are you...

Dear ____, - 2

Dear ____ , Welcome back. Maybe one day i will decide who these letters are to, maybe i will send them one day. Maybe these have turned up on your...

Dear ____,

Dear ____ , I don't quite know why I am doing this, but i guess spontaneous ideas are a hobby of mine. I think 'spontaneous' is the best way to...