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Karen Payton Holt

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Help Me Mummy!

"My life will never be the same." "Don't be so melodramatic, no one will even notice." "Ya think?" "Well, no one will care, you are still you." "Am I...

Zombie Wedding Night - Flash Fiction

I closed the bedroom door, and swayed gently on my feet. "Wedding night. Hell," I said. "I remember one of those, from when I was alive." I smiled,...

Haunted Hospital

I awoke to darkness, but I wasn’t scared. It had been dark here, now, for as long as I could remember. I had chosen ward B, hospital bed number 136,...

POEM: Tell Me.

Blinded by the light of unrequited love.

Death of Connor Sanderson: Chap 2: Part 3

London, 1910, and Connor comes to terms with becoming a vampire. Being dead is harder then he imagined.


1 of my comments has received 2 Great Feedback votes

2 Votes

Your prose has a wondefully

Posted on Wed, 11 Dec 2013

Your prose has a wondefully poetic cadence. I did guess the outcome, that the matron, who was excellently depicted as a cold callous woman, and who thoroughly deserved her fate, would be the cats first victim...

I hoped Lilian would be...

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