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Doodles, scribbles and poesy.

Has the tact of a tin of mushy peas lobbed through a plate glass window.

Why? We're all folk, that's why.


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52 of my comments have received 59 Great Feedback votes

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Like this a good deal, puts

Posted on Fri, 25 Oct 2019

Like this a good deal, puts me in mind of Wendell Berrys' "Peace of Wild Things" and the work of Mary Oliver.

Best L x

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Posted in Black Herons

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Posted on Thu, 03 Oct 2019

Gently, she reminded us all to be kind, by showing her kindness. A warm reverie, thank you Jennifer.


Lena xx

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Posted in Remembering Bee Symbol Of Our Great Poets

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Now there's a song

Posted on Fri, 09 Aug 2019

...in the making.



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Posted in The Ballad of Laura Middleton

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Subjects frozen..

Posted on Wed, 30 Jan 2019

...in current climate of distaste for those who don't fit a functional mould. Damned good write Ewan, Rylands curates relics and fortunes in literary text, who holds or promises concrete future for those unwritten?

best wishes


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Posted in Winter in Manchester

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Posted on Thu, 15 Feb 2018

I like ideas running through this; futility of pinning a butterfly wing of time, "She said they only knew how to pin minutes" and the inevitability of decay, however wrought. 


all the best

Lena x

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Posted in Pins (3)

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Good to hear your voice again :)

Posted on Tue, 02 Jan 2018

Gut reaction: I like the format, sands of time and an inhale <> exhale of lungs breathing through the scented trail of the past (you draw attention to smell several times) Good stuff sir.

best regards

Lena x

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Posted in The Journey Back

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...Did that...

Posted on Thu, 05 Oct 2017

...and the clutter pile began again. We are our memories, however we amass and tag them :)

Like very much.

Best regards

Lena x



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Posted in Vanity and Bonfires

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Each detail.

Posted on Thu, 03 Aug 2017

...blends, but stark in its own right. The submerged in water and life beneath earth, that creates earth, a draw to the eye and mind. Excellent, enjoyed reading xx

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Posted in Submerged

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Posted on Thu, 06 Jul 2017

Damned enjoyable. The narrator as  alienated observer, is crafted well. A sense of this pervades. Though at an uneasy peace with a culture and heat to which he does not belong, he yet observes in practice, and masters local pleasantries. Again...

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Posted in Tail-end

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Embracing ..

Posted on Thu, 10 Nov 2016

... an idealised memory of self and nation...that never was.....

Good read.

Lena x


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