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I have 121 stories published in 10 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 101309 times and 14 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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John Read

Writing since the 70s. Bits and pieces used on TV, radio, magazines, Newspapers.

My stories


The Man Who Couldn't Stay Dead. (Part 1 of 6)

A diamond merchant is murdered in Milan. A few hours later a baby is born in London with unexplained scars and markings. His childhood is plagued with nightmares and visions of being murdered. Overnight he begins speaking Italian and developes a love of diamonds. As an adult, he uses clues in his nightmares to find his murderer. But he finds more than he expects.

The Wannabe

You don't know who you are, You only know who you wannabe. You want to think great thoughts, But they've all been thought before. And say great...

Jack's Diner

Rainwater lay cold and dead in the gutter, reflecting the blue neon light of Jack’s Diner. It was strangely pretty, like a cheap hooker after a night...

Summer Sky. (A Basket Case.)

A two minute short story. It's not the only thing that comes to a swift end !

25, Chapel Lane. (A Christmas Tale.)

Xmas Eve. Children carol singing find a house unseen for years. Innocence takes them inside & they meet the occupants. This will be their best Xmas ever. Do they really meet who they think ?