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I have 29 stories published in 6 collections on the site.
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If you'd like to contact me, idsuggestioned@gmail.com

My stories

Forever My Guiding Star

A dream thats all she was, but I awoke and I'm at a loss. Words fade, as I slave for your affectiom. Without direction I wonder back and forth, but I...

Euphoria Blake: Infernally Divine

Chapter Six: Learning Is A Bitch Shadow had been laying next to her as she slept, her warmth made Euphoria wrestle with extreme laziness. "Wake up...

A Knight In The Apocalypse

A Knight In The Apocalypse Ch. 2 A way out. “We’re heading back to the school? Why?” She asked hoping somehow he would change his mind, after all...

A Knight In The Apocalypse

The Intro.... Horray. The year is 2019 and the world was ravaged by a chaotic virus, nuclear fallout, and many unexplainable things. Hard as balls to...

Euphoria Blake: Infernally Divine

Chapter Five: When The Light's Out, The Dogs Will Play Vincent had led them to a make shift cabing he was building. "Did your house burn down or what...