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Chapter 1. Rise

R.E.I.G.N Chapter 1. Rise The first thing that hits me was the scent of rubbing alcohol and as I started to come to, my eyes fluttering open, I also...


Sometimes, it’s hard to tell the difference between what’s real and what isn’t. Especially when it comes to her. She stares out at the selection in...


Prologue. You don’t have to do this . I grip the bar knife in my hand even tighter and swallow, hard. It’s right, the voice. I don’t have to kill...

Enough Pt. 4-Finale (Cont.)

“You sick bastard!” Linden snapped, still holding Samson by the collar of his shirt. “You kill all those girls and you have the balls to sit there,...

For Eternity

** Sorry for the formatting, looks fine on my end but shift views and it looks terrible :( ** For Eternity Come pour yourself all over me. So I can...