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pabel mahmud sizan

Love to share experience and get doing some experiment. A 12th-grade student from Bangladesh, a South Asian country. A designer, learning to program from my passion, I often write for my heart. Testing new things is my hobby, no matter it is a food or a software. Interested in many things from a match box to rocket science. Love to have arguments because it is the best way to learn new things. Straight to the point, hate any unnecessary talk.


“My life is I like what I can’t imagine.” - P

My stories

Amazon Mythology

In the heart of Amazon, there is a place called Bahamia also known as the land of chaos. The main population of this land is honey bees. Their life...

Grave of the Fireflies

In grave thousand of fireflies, Fly, with the soul, You think die, before. They come out, Say loud, They want peace,, not war But you can't hear...


All the time You try to hold, They try to fly, away With the wings That you gave 'em When they used to cry. All the time You try to hold, They try to...

Then and Now

Once upon a time There lived a princes, Who loved a poor boy Whose father was a farmer. Now, the princes is still alive So the boy of a farmer, But...

Lone Passenger

On a bus I start, I don’t know how far I have to go I don’t know what is my destiny is, And then I found I have to go so far Where no one trying to...