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Raymond Fortin

Like most people, I’m not sure what I was born to do. There are too many possibilities–too many permutations of actions and events, time and space. On weekdays, I am a student with interests in physics, math, and computer science; on weekends, I am a fiction writer and avid golfer.


My stories

Almost a Superhero

“Man, I wish I could be like that chick from X-Men. You know, the one that can shapeshift and stuff. She’s so hot.” Joey mashed the buttons of the...

To Live and Die at La Jolla Cove

The couple climbed over the waist-high wooden fence. Danger. Unstable Cliffs. Stay Back. They were young, healthy, and practically invincible...

A Mind in the Middle of Nowhere

“Last stop. Middle of nowhere.” The bus driver, whose feminine hips sagged over the hydraulic seat like a bag of squeezed jelly, waited tiredly...

God, Martians, and the Apocalypse

“Fear God!” yelled Rapture Ron. He elevated his picket sign even higher. “For He shall smite the sinners of the world! Repent now! The end is nigh...