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I write these days a cacophony of genres: fantasy, sci-fi, mainstream, literary, some poetry every now and then. Novels, short stories, novellas, and whatever might fall in-between. I joined ABC Tales in May of 2014, and appreciate the forum it gives me to write and experiment, and even to include my strange little illustrations next to my work. 

You won't see a lot of my stories published anywhere else just yet, but please check out a few of these sites:

Or check out my e-book: The Price of Blood; Book One of the Golwerra Stories, available from Amazon.  Links here to my book on Amazon UK and US.

and keep watching this space...

There are also a few more stories, and a few ravings (I mean, blog entries) to be found on my website:
And check out (somebody... please... anybody) my 24-part story "These Words That Describe Melissa":

My stories

Pretty Poppy

The hours mount up. They stack like bricks, like stone slabs on her shoulders, weighing evenly on each side. Every step leaves craters in the...
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Under Sunset

Pretty Poppy, Dancing on the head of a pin. Always ready with a show, With a smile, a wink, a backwards glance, She flares as the lights get low. No...
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Ivy knows the road home; She ought to, She’s walked it so many times, she thinks, Back and forth across her own footprints, Stopping, and turning,...


I saved the world again today. Nobody noticed. They never do. And I suppose that’s my fault, because I’m pretty subtle about it. I don’t do this with...
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My Dad

My hero is my dad. He’s tough as shit. He’s the kind of guy you can’t take on. And you shouldn’t take on. Some guy goes up to my dad in a bar and...