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I have 18 stories published in 2 collections on the site.
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Marshawn Leigh H. Reonico

Christian, scholar, artisan, musician, soon-to-be polyglot, fourteen, and bored. :3

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A Not-So-Busy Day

Busy men, lazy men! Here, they repair their motorcycles. There, they won’t even move a muscle. The roosters that crow are even more diligent Than the bored trees doing nothing but rustle.

The Norm is Not Normal

“Follow the norm,” said he, said she. But what good in the norm do you see? Just because tight pants are the trend, Doesn’t mean I ought to pretend...


Near is the end, lo and behold! These are the signs that have been foretold. In the near future, the Lord will appear; Lo and behold! The end is near...

No Regrets

When you break away from this realm, There will be no going back. Either you dwell in everlasting bliss Or you endure the agony from unending attacks...

Little, You Say?

Some people may think little efforts are useless or little things do not matter. But in truth, without those small elements, the important big things...