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I have 494 stories published in 24 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 301524 times and 301 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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The sleep meats

There is no word in your language for what I’m doing now. Tutoch we call it in our tongue. It is a soft, reassuring noise we make to calm a coati,...

Girl that speaks no words

I open my mouth, move my tongue, but I omit no sound, not so much as a groan. Even the flapping of the tongue is inaudible. Sudden mute syndrome is...

Poet in Residence

“You found us all right then?” “No problem finding you,” I said, “It was signposted right from the motorway. It took a while to get through security...

Girl that speaks no words

“You know, I don’t mind if you don’t say anything. It’s not like we’re short of evidence. I mean, we’ve got DNA, finger prints, the murder weapon,...

Generational shift

“I’m thinking of retiring.” Jesus, another one. They’re all going, first Phil Taylor, then Barnie, seems like every world champion of yesteryear is...