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I have 650 stories published in 30 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 422688 times and 451 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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and another thing

Derek, who use to like nothing more than writing racist dribble-rants online, was stopped in his tracks when a critic pointed out that the font he...

Tom wrote Lord of the Rings

"Tom wrote Lord of the Rings, didn't you Tom." "What do you mean Tom wrote it. It was written fifty years before Tom was even born." "I was going to...

The gift from the elven queen

As he readied to depart, the elven queen presented Frodo with a gift for his journey. "Here you are, dearie" she said,. "Illumioir, the gift of light...

Ulf and Sven and the ode to a toad

Sven: ( offstage ) "Ulf. Ulf." ( enter Sven ) Sven: "I caught a toad, Ulf." Ulf: "A toad, Sven. What would you want with one of those? Horrible slimy...

Lordy Lordy - Bubble Buddies

I was woken by the chimes of the ice cream van, which had been abandoned in the east field since lockdown was announced in the middle of the village...