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The Campaign for Terrence Oblong - The audience at the premier of Shoshtakovich's Symphony No 5

Clapping. Clapping could get you killed. Clapping was a dangerous anti-state activity that could get you sent to the gulags. If you clapped the wrong...

The Campaign for Terrence Oblong - Associated London Scripts

Comedy writers were viewed with particular disdain by the upper echelons of the BBC, bemused that comedians couldn't simple recycle old musical hall gags.

The Campaign for Terrence Oblong - John Peel

My friends at school all had crap taste in music; Wham, Iron Maiden, Duran Duran, I would flee their house as soon as they put music on. I had no...

The Campaign for Terrence Oblong - Monty Python and the Porter Ale

My favourite tipple (in case you're buying) is a pint of porter beer. Porter beer is dark, usually strong, rich with the aromas of coffee, chocolate...
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The Campaign for Terrence Oblong - Probe Plus Records

Tony Wilson's Factory records turned down my two favourite bands. The Smiths, of course, had other offers, but Half Man Half Biscuit seemed too off...