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I have 507 stories published in 26 collections on the site.
My stories have been read 319375 times and 315 of my stories have been cherry picked.
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Sherlock Holmes and the Unexpected Inheritance (1)

"The bird's circling for the third time Watson," Holmes said. As was often the case on a Sunday afternoon, the one day a week I was blessedly free...

The Ring of Power (2)

We'd driven our new camper van (complete with TV, fridge and en suite facilities) to a campsite near Morecambe, the same campsite where Paul Fishwick claims Frank Sinatra once broke his airbed pump.

The Ring of Power (1)

Tom was all pockets, seemingly hundreds of them, in every fold of every item of clothing, even his socks had pockets, they contained everything you could ever think to put in a pocket

Dead Man's Sofa

"There's a dead man on the sofa," Julie said when I got home from work. It was old Tom, sitting perched cross-legged like a wise Buddha watching over...

Cross Party Groups

"Ah, Lord Lord, I was just talking about you," said Baroness Bluster as I entered our shared office. "You were?" I said nervously, there's only one...